A Transformational Solution for Those Struggling with Substance Misuse

Around 91 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose and over 30 Americans die every day from alcohol related causes(2). Millions of those suffering with addiction are also struggling with a psychiatric illness – yet only a small percentage of these people ever receive mental health treatment.

Are you considering spending up to $65,000 for short-term residential treatment programs for yourself or a loved one? Many of these programs openly offer only a 20% rate of participants staying sober past 5 years.

Our patented combination TMS and infused Ketamine therapy can be a long-term, life changing solution for many of those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues where short-term rehab programs often fail. 

When combined with a comprehensive treatment plan, we’ve seen transformational success in people who have tried nearly every other option at their disposal. If you or a loved one have tried everything to beat addiction – try our patented therapy. If this problem is just coming to a head in your life, don’t waste money on programs that don’t promise success.

Initial evaluation costs $450 and treatment starts at $5,000.

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