Clinical Expertise, Education and Special Interests:

Eric To holds a B.A. in Psychology from Creighton, an M.A./Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, and a Post Doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology. He has worked in hospitals, community mental health centers, child guidance clinics, schools, and private practice.

He has practiced as a clinical and consulting psychologist since 2003, and he has worked in the mental health field as a mental health counselor, clinical therapist and behavior technician since the 1980’s.  He has conducted clinical assessments pertaining to children, adolescents, and adults involving the ability to work, school performance, issues of competence, cognitive deficit, learning disability, psychiatric illness, personality disorder, dementia, functional capacity, and differential diagnoses. 

Additionally, Eric To has an interest and background in technology.  He has a M.S in Computer Science from DePaul.  His interests in technology, neuropsychology and clinical psychology led him to the field of neurofeedback and neurotherapy.  Dr. To has received extensive training and mentoring from experts in the neurofeedback and neurotherapy community including Dr. Robert Thatcher, Dr. Nicholas Dogris, Jamie Moore R.N, John Anderson M.A., and Dr. Joel Lubar.

Eric To’s primary approach to clinical practice is to understand the individual in their environment in the traditional “holistic” approach.  His treatment approach is best described as pragmatic, finding the most efficacious approach to treatment for each person.