Etanercept-based Treatments


Perispinal application of etanercept was devised nearly 20 years ago - its a unique way to preferentially deliver etanercept to the central nervous system as an anti-inflammatory treatment for various illnesses of the brain. In our clinic, we prescribe perispinal etanercept injections for consequences of stroke, consequences of concussion/TBI, dementia, and some severe neuropsychiatric illnesses.

Etanercept is a soluble receptor of TNF.  It is similar to an antibody but is more gentle, it does not fully interfere with TNF activity, which is good because TNF is a necessary molecule in the immune process and its dangerous to neutralize its effect as a promoter of necessary immune function.

We have found a way to potentiate its effect with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The 2 together have a synergism that improves the effect of each and give beneficial results in cases that are not likely to be amenable to treatment with either alone.