Clinical Expertise, Education and Special Interests:

Dr. Best is the director of The Neuroscience Center in Deerfield, IL, the Medical Director at Abbott House in Highland Park, IL & a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) board.

Dr. Best's medical degree was earned at University of Cincinnati. He earned a Fellowship at Chicago Medical School focusing on the use of functional brain imaging for diagnostic purposes as a way to predict choice of treatment. He has had post-Fellowship training in Psychopharmacology and has unique training in Brain Stimulation by some of the founders of external neuromodulation (rTMS, tES/tDCS). These assets have enabled him to provide the highest level of neurological and psychiatric care to child and adult patients suffering from complex illnesses or high-comorbidity disorders.

Steve Best enjoys spontaneous weekend adventures with his 2 children, experimenting on his BBQ with family & friends and experiencing Chicagoland cultural events with his children.  They all enjoy participating in Boy Scouts events and playing tennis together. 

Dr. Best's New Projects Include:

  • A novel technique for the treatment of chronic depression, substance abuse, and chronic pain by harnessing the synergistic effect of TMS or tES with infused ketamine.
  • Targeted intervention for the inflammatory aspects of neurologic and neuropsychiatric illnesses with immune modulation by direct application of TNF inhibitors.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for concussion/TBI, stroke, and other illnesses in a custom designed multi-place chamber that can accommodate patients along with their own care-givers in our adjoining Hyperbaric Center.
  • Stem-cell therapy utilizing autologous transplants both peripherally into blood or locally into afflicted regions.
  • The use of TRH and TRH-analogs for deep fatigue, depression, and impaired consciousness

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Very satisfied mother -
Finally a doctor that understood my son's issues! After diagnostic testing (SPECT & EEG) Dr. Best was able to treat my son with the appropriate medication and he's doing fabulous! My advice to any families struggling for will finally find answers and relief with Dr. Best.
Answers... Finally! - Elizabeth,
I am so grateful to Dr. Best and his team! I have been suffering with depression for as long as I can remember. I have finally been able to get the answers and proper medication to help me so I can lead a successful and productive life.