Sound Diagnosis Supported by Scientific Testing

All children go through phases. Some struggle with mental health issues that make it difficult to maintain focus at school or relationships at home. We help you determine if medical intervention is the right option to improve your child's mood or behavior.

Particularly when dealing with children, our priority is sound diagnosis. Where some other offices will offer medication with limited information, we employ scientifically validated diagnostic testing technologies to consider therapy or medication solely for children that we believe have treatable conditions.

With over 100 years of combined experience in neuropsychiatric consultation, evaluation, and treatment, The Neuroscience Center can help your family gain clarity. Our practical, inclusive approach will guide you from initial evaluation and diagnostic testing to state of the art therapies and treatments in a safe, friendly environment with cutting-edge equipment and experienced staff.

What Parents & Patients are Saying about Our Providers

Relieved Mom -
My daughter was not medicated properly and I was referred to Dr. Best. He was able to treat her with appropriate medication based on a diagnostic test called a SPECT and she's doing fabulous. She can focus in school now, without any stimulants. I would highly recommend Dr. Best to any parent for their child.

Very satisfied mother -

Finally a doctor that understood my son's issues! After diagnostic testing (SPECT & EEG) Dr. Best was able to treat my son with the appropriate medication and he's doing fabulous! My advice to any families struggling for will finally find answers and relief with Dr. Best.

Answers... Finally! - Elizabeth,

I am so grateful to Dr. Best and his team! I have been suffering with depression for as long as I can remember. I have finally been able to get the answers and proper medication to help me so I can lead a successful and productive life.


Dr. Best is, by far, the most knowledgeable doctor that I have ever encountered. I have been all over the country dealing with my chronic illness and he has been the ONLY doctor that has been able to effectively treat me! If I could give him TEN stars I would!