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Conquer Depression


Conquer Mood Disorders

Conquer Chronic Pain


Our Treatment

Once thought of as a party drug, medical professionals and major media publications - including The Guardian, Time Magazine & many more, are waking up to the life changing positive effects ketamine infusions are offering to those suffering from Chronic Depression, Chronic Pain, and other Mood Disorders.

The National Institute of Health recommends ketamine as a viable treatment for CRPS/RSD, Chronic Pain, PTSD, and Depression.

The Neuroscience Center is Chicago's oldest ketamine infusion treatment center. Our mission is to provide advanced treatments in a safe, professional environment with a friendly face. Our patented TMS Infusion process has been adopted by Stanford and UCLA researchers and is unique to our clinic. It's particularly more effective than other methods for patients who are struggling with addiction. Our experienced psychiatric professionals have safely administered the treatment thousands of times on site.

"Nearly 90% of our patients with treatment-resistant conditions have reached some form of remission." - Dr. Steve Best, Director of TNC

Our Mission


Am I a Good Candidate?

Yes, if you suffer with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, chronic or other neuropathic pain including CRPS, Fibromyalgia or any kind of substance use disorder that negatively affects your life and work.

Yes, if you have failed to find satisfactory relief from standard therapies in the past several years or are at high risk to fail treatment, such as those with inflammatory/rheumatologic illness or family history of treatment-refractory illness.

Yes, if you have co-existing problems such as chronic pain or mood disorders combined with any kind of addiction.


How Much Does It Cost? 

Each day of ketamine based treatment costs $850.00.

More mild cases of chronic depression may respond to a few applications of combination therapy and then a few weeks of rTMS. More severe cases of depression may require many more applications. People with dual diagnosis or chronic pain will require a somewhat more lengthy treatment.

Insurance reimbursement depends on the company and benefits you have. We are seeing far better acceptance from insurers recently.  We recommend you submit a formal request for preauthorization with your insurer prior to treatment and are willing to assist in the process with a Letter of Medical Necessity and typical insurance forms.

There may be additional treatments that we recommend as part of a comprehensive treatment plan which will be shared with you throughout the process.


What's Treatment Like?

Due to the careful monitoring needed during and after the procedure, specialized personnel will be in attendance throughout treatment. Our clinic is furnished with large, comfortable reclining chairs for use during ketamine based treatment.

Expect to spend between 4 and 6 hours at the clinic.

We will provide you with a light meal before you leave. After treatment, avoid driving and operating machinery and take time to rest and relax. It's best to refrain from work until the next day.